Why Should You Invest in a Home Care Franchise

May 2022

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that offers high margins and low-cost entry barriers, a home care franchise might be perfect. Investing in a franchise business requires less effort, planning, and time than starting your business from scratch. Many entrepreneurs prefer joining a franchise business rather than starting their business. 

Reasons to Invest in a Home Care Franchise

A home care franchise lets you earn a stable income while helping your community. As a franchise owner, you affect the lives of seniors and offer their families peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are looked after. Here’s why investing in a home care franchise can be rewarding:

Home Care Industry is Thriving

Home care services are in demand because nearly 10,000 people turn 65 or older each day. It’s estimated that the US senior population will reach 98 million by 2060. It means they will eventually require some extended care for a healthy life. Also, a study by AARP suggests that 87% of seniors aged 65 or older prefer to stay in their current home or community, and most of them will choose in-home care for more affordable and comfortable care. 

The home care franchise industry is expected to grow to $173 billion by 2026 and is positioned for substantial growth over the next thirty years. When the economy is booming, people are more comfortable spending money on home care services and other assistance services for their family members or themselves. 

Another factor contributing to the boom in the home care industry is the increasing costs of independent living facilities. The average care expenses for seniors in a nursing or similar care facility is approximately $50,000 annually. And Medicare and most private insurances don’t cover these hefty expenses. So, investing in a home care franchise can open doors to new opportunities as the industry grows. 

Affordable Start-up Costs

Investing in a home care franchise requires fewer funds and planning than starting your business from scratch. You can expect to pay upfront investment and recurring royalty fees (in some cases). Paying some upfront fees gives you access to the ultimate business advantage that franchises worldwide have used to see success.

If you compare the startup costs of starting your business with a home care franchise, you’ll find a massive difference between them. When you start your business, you must invest in your website design and development, brand name, marketing strategies, product development, and much more. Whereas, when you own a home care franchise, the initial investment and a fixed percentage of monthly revenues give you admission into a previously established business working on a set business model with working programs and opportunities that would otherwise take years to master. By being a part of the Briggs Home Care franchise, you become a part of a recognized brand that focuses on exceptional customer service. 

Recession-Proof Sector

A home care franchise is the perfect investment option for those who want to invest in an almost recession-proof industry. There’s always a need for superior home care services, irrespective of the current economic situation. Even during uncertain economic phases, people need assistance and care as they continue to age and get sick. 

When you own a home care franchise that is practically immune to the highs and lows of economic uncertainties. Home care agencies that offer the full spectrum of care are the type of business concept that can withstand the storm brought by the fluctuating economy. The home care franchise model works on a proven business model that has undergone the test of time and endured the hardships of recession.

With the increasing demand for home care services and the industry’s expected growth in the coming years, there is no slowing down. According to a study by AARP, nine out of ten seniors want to be looked after and age peacefully within the comforts of their homes. 

Impact the Community

Investing in a home care franchise can be a favorable option when you’re passionate about impacting society and doing good for your people. Individuals interested in assisting the community and family are particularly suited for this venture. The care and help offered by a home care franchise can help seniors avoid moving to an assisted living facility.

Investing in this business allows you to influence the lives of older individuals in your community and help them live a better and more independent lifestyle. Business owners can also form meaningful relationships with the residents and their families. You feel personally rewarded when you connect with others while working in this industry. As a home care franchise owner, you can positively impact your community by providing care and assistance to those who need it.

High-Profit Margins

Compared to the other franchise options available in the market, a home care franchise is more affordable. Many franchise owners make a great living from a single unit. Many owners start with a single unit and then expand to multi-units to serve and provide care for more people.

We know that for home care owners, it’s not always the money that motivates them to continue their work, but the feeling of serving and caring for others. As a home care franchise owner, you can do the work you love while getting the financial security and professional success you’ve always dreamt of.

Why Consider Briggs Home Care Franchise?

Briggs Home Care is the opportunity for you to turn your passion into a business. With several years of experience in executing business, administrative knowledge, and care, this franchise opportunity makes it easier for you to offer a full continuum of premium care services for seniors who need it the most. So what are you waiting for? Become a part of this ever-growing home care franchise industry and see the difference yourself. Contact us today to become a part of Briggs Home Care Franchise.