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    As a Briggs Home Care elder care franchise owner, you can count on the support you need to grow your business. With a full range of experience in healthcare, home care, and executive functions, we are well positioned to support our growing team.

    Here is just a sample of the business-building tools we offer:

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    Comprehensive training, both for you and your business operations leader, and tools to use for caregiver training.

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    Ongoing support, including refresher training, remote support by video chat, phone or email, plus in-field and virtual visits during the operation of the business covering sales and marketing, operations, client service, quality control, and other important administrative tasks.

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    Our confidential operations manual, detailing important start-up and ongoing operational procedures, required communications and reporting, client service protocols, and more.

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    Reputable industry technology and systems to track client care needs, schedule caregivers, monitor referral sources and manage daily business operations like staffing, payroll and accounting.

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    Marketing support, with guidance on local, traditional and digital marketing campaigns, advice on networking with referral sources, and sample promotional materials.

    Contact us today to learn more about how we support you, your team, and your elder care franchise with Briggs Home Care.

    From Those Who Know

    Review Author

    "Briggs is an industry leader, and their leadership team truly demonstrates a desire to support and grow each agency that is part of the family."

    R.S., Executive Director, Maryland*

    Review Owner

    “…With the support of Briggs, we are able to take patient care to a new level by anticipating needs in the industry to make home care better. They have a great family approach. Goals are clear and easy to understand. We have direct support from the whole team... It’s a model that works!”

    S.W., Executive Director, Missouri*

    Review Owner

    “…I appreciate the support I receive, which lets me know I’m not isolated. Everyone at Briggs has been so responsive whenever I call or email them …I envision us continuing to grow, helping more clients, hiring more caregivers, and creating more business, building upon the good reputation we already have in our community in the years to come.”

    K.C., Executive Director, Kansas*

    * Executive director quotes are from existing corporate-owned Briggs Home Care agencies